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Drs. Zayfert and DeViva are available for speaking engagements for the general public related to coping with posttraumatic stress in loved ones. They also regularly provide continuing education workshops for professional audiences on various topics related to trauma and PTSD. 

Below are some of the programs they have taught in that are now available online.

Effective Treatment for PTSD with Challenging Cases/font>

This workshop will demonstrate the art of applying evidenced-based methods for PTSD with challenging patients. You will take home tools to help you address multiple problems, keep therapy on track, and avoid dropout. You will be able to handle the range of challenging situations that arise and to adapt when treatment does not go according to plan.

Price: $119.99
Duration: 6 Hours
Original Program Date: October 20, 2010
Presenter: Claudia Zayfert

Video Sample for PTSD Workshop

Difficulty falling and staying asleep is one of the most common clinical complaints after trauma. Insomnia is associated with impaired concentration and memory, elevated levels of anxiety and depression, decreased pain threshold, and worsening of overall health functioning, all of which are also effects of trauma. In this institute, clinicians will learn how they can improve trauma survivorsí sleep and mitigate the negative effects of sleep disturbances on mental and physical health and functioning.

Price: $80.00
This is a 4 Credit Course
Presenters: Claudia Zayfert and Jason DiViva
Offered by: International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies

Implementing CBT for PTSD in Clinical Practice

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is widely recognized as an effective treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Yet clinicians often encounter challenges when implementing CBT for PTSD patients with multiple problems. 

The goal of this workshop is to enhance comfort and confidence in flexibly applying evidenced based methods for treatment of PTSD in clinical practice with complicated patients. Participants will learn the latest findings, case conceptualization methods, and clinical tools that will help them implement CBT and optimize clinical outcomes.

Price: $69.00
Presenters: Claudia Zayfert and Jason DiViva
Offered by: International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies

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